Asphalt Base

Ingstroyengineering EOOD owns a mobile and a stationary asphalt mixing plant.

The mobile container-type asphalt plant of BENNINGHOVEN ECO 4000 is designed for the production of high-quality asphalt mixes for wearing courses, base courses and sub-bases, with an output capacity of 300 t/h.

The asphalt mixes are heated with natural gas, or alternatively with diesel and coal powder.
The waste treatment facilities are filters that, after capturing the dust, take it back into the production cycle in the form of a raw material.
The mobile plant ensures flexibility and high efficiency of the production processes.

TELTOMAT -5 Asphalt Base
Located in immediate proximity of Varna, the base is designed for production of high-quality asphalt mixtures for the wearing, lower and basic layers.
The base holds a certificate of production control according to the requirements of  1922-CPR -0045,  ЕN 13108-1:2006,ЕN 13108-1:2006/AC:2006  2+, 
Fuel – natural gas methane
Purifying installation – bag filters
Asphalt mixing plant in container design BENNINGHOVEN type ЕСО 2000 with WIRTGEN INTERNATIONAL GMBH, Germany.

The plant consists of individual modules and elements, which in the technological sequence of the individual processes ensure production of different grades of bituminous concrete.

The whole process is fully automated and is controlled on the basis of pre-set formulations and is operated only by one engineer - operator.   The filter installation meets the highest environmental European standards and the production of the bituminous concrete does not produce harmful emissions in the air. The burner of the plant is fuelled by environment-friendly fuel - natural gas.

The concrete mixer has additional plant for supply of 30% recycled concrete, which results in reduction of the generated construction waste in the process of construction as well as facility for production of bituminous emulsion.

The mixing capacity of the plant is 160 tons per hour.