The Environment Policy
The management of Ingstroyengineering EOOD declares that it will strictly adhere to a policy for sustainable improvement of the environmental impact activities in order to meet the requirements of the active legislation, clients, society, employees and interested parties.
The management complies with the active legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria in respect to the construction activities realized by this Company, and all environmental processes, as well as all additional requirements which the Company has adopted.
In order to properly channel the efforts for the preservation of the environment, the Company has introduced a system for the management of said impact. Said system is compliant with the international standard ISO 14001:2015 
The fundamental objectives of Ingstroyengineering EOOD are:
Prevention of the pollution that may result from this Companys activities;
Undertaking of measures for the reduction of the negative impact on environment;
Operation in strict compliance with applicable legislation in respect to all undertaken construction activities and the preservation of the environment;
Implementation of rules to define the significant environmental aspects on which continuous management activities shall be applicable;
Encouragement and incorporation of the companys personnel in order to improve their personal qualities, to increase their responsibility and accuracy in executing their functions;
Continuous improvement of the processes effecting the quality of the final product and having an impact on the environment.
This policy aims to confirm our Company's good name and reputation and to constantly improve its business standing.
The management undertakes to provide and maintain a high level of qualification for its employees and workers in respect to the problems of environmental management.