Dedication to Quality

The management of Ingstroyengineering EOOD believes that the only indisputable way to strengthen the position and further develop our Company on the free market is to maintain the high quality of our produce in strict compliance with international management principles regulated by the standards  ISO 9001:2015  and ISO 45001:2018 

HAVING TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION that the Company disposes of the necessary technical and manpower potential including the professional experience, authority and traditions, necessary to offer and provide production and services in full compliance with the adopted international, national and corporative rules and requirements,

And HAVING REALIZED the exceptional role of the personal contribution and responsibility of the Management and of each employee and worker for the implementation and respect of the rules and regulations stipulated in the management system,

The Company DECLARES that its basic objective shall be:
Constructions and design of ducts, roads, rail roads, runways, water supply and sewerage systems, hydrotechnical and urbanization and infrastructural equipment, , transport services and services with construction mechanization,  current and winter maintenance of roads, production of asphalt mixtures , in compliance with all established rules and legal provisions in order to satisfy the needs, requirements and expectations of our clients and to strengthen our recognition as a reliable and correct partner.

For that purpose the Company has developed and implemented a management system in compliance with the  ISO 9001:2015  and ISO 45001:2018  International Standards.

With the implementation of this management system, the Company defines the following guidelines:
Sustained performance improvement through quality management;
Defining, setting and updating of clear objectives pertinent to quality and the provision of Healthy and Safe Working Conditions;
Strict compliance with the requirements and expectations of the clients through management, control and maintenance of the processes; the building of relations based on mutual trust, loyalty, product quality, service reliability and exchange of information;
Increase and strengthening of our clients confidence and the conviction of our employees of this Companys potential and competitiveness;
Communication of the Company policy to the employees and workers and the proper definition of their responsibilities for the realization of said policy;
Constant effort to achieve understanding on behalf of our employees in order to realize the policy, objectives and documents related to the management system, at any time and with no deviations;
Compatibility of the working processes with the instructions of the management system and all applicable legislation;
Clear definition of the structure, processes, interrelations and responsibilities of all units and functions having effect on and related to the production quality, the services provided and the requirements of safety;
The effect of prevention through constant control over all our activities;
Assignment of clear and concrete duties, obligations and powers for all departments, employees and workers of the Company and secure normal conditions for their realization;
Timely and full securing of all resources necessary for the realization of quality produce and the provision of a qualitative service;
Application of the requirements for greater strictness in the relations with our suppliers and subcontractors;
Creation of opportunities for the identification and prevention of unconformities in the different processes and production, reflecting on the quality and safety parameters of our Company;
Creation of opportunities to increase the qualification, professional skills and motivation of each employee in accordance with the elevated demands of our clients for qualitative production / services provided;
Development and encouragement of the employees to deploy personal skills related to diligent and responsible work and to demonstrate those to the clients and suppliers;
Research of the possibilities and prospects for future development of the Company on the free market and taking them into consideration for the planning of all activities pertinent to quality;
Continuous study and update to all mandatory provisions, rules, regulations, standards and manuals related to the specifics of this Companys activities.
Taking into account the importance of motivation and active participation of employees in the efficient functioning of the management system, the company managament undertakes to complete the following steps:
To create the organization which can help every employee realize the advantages of quality work, of the full and complete satisfaction of customers, of the improvement of the reputation and economic well-being of the Company, as well as the negative effect that low-quality work can have on other employees and the Company as a whole;
To create conditions for transformation of the quality in a major factor for evaluation of the performance and personal contribution of every employee in the execution of his/her functions and the problem-solving process;
To define precise and clear criteria to attain quality;
To provide favorable and healthy working conditions;
To evaluate the social ambience (including taking into consideration the personal or family problems of the employees resulting from their relations within the Company), as a factor with a pronounced impact on the quality and motivation.
The present declaration defines in a non-ambiguous manner this Companys intentions in relation to all questions having to do with quality.
Said validated policy represents a guarantee for the continuous success of this Company within the competitive environment as well as the achievement of personal satisfaction of the employees, and the attainment of job safety.
Every employee and worker should agree to follow the company policy in order to achieve our common business objectives.