Current Projects
Varna Municipality

Design and realization of new construction projects, and rehabilitation of streets, sports sites and residential areas

Dobrich Municipality 

The construction of the sewage system in Dobrich commences Building work on plan № BG16M1OP002-1.006-0003-C01 "Integrated project on improvement of the plumbing system in Dobrich - Phase 1
Road Infrastructure Agency

Maintenance (preventive, current, winter and repair works in emergency situations) on the republican roads in the territory of the northeastern region, operated by RIA

Road Infrastructure Agency 

Maintenance (preventive, current, winter and emergency repair works) on the republic roads in the territory of the Southwest region, operated by the RIA

National Railway Infrastructure Company
Mechanical renewal of the railway in the interstation section area Samuil - Visoka polqna from km 89+270 to km 95+220 total length 5950 м“