Health and Safety Policy

The management of INGSTROYENGINEERING EOOD defines its concern about ensuring the staff’s health and safety as a chief priority of its activity. The main task of the management is to ensure safe work conditions for the employees and protection of the health of the staff and the population living near the Company’s sites of activity.
In view of fulfillment of those strategic tasks, a system for occupational health and safety management has been implemented and is maintained at INGSTROYENGINEERING EOOD whose policy predetermines attainment of the following goals:
•        Ensuring of continuous improvement and control on the occupational safety and health; improvement of the reliability of the machines and equipment and the safety of the processes of creating the product in compliance with the requirements of the legislation and the internationally recognized standards;
•     Motivating the staff, suppliers and subcontractors towards respecting their duties in compliance with the safety and health rules at the Company’s sites;
•     Maintaining an adequate level of the technical resource and the staff’s readiness to act in emergency situations;
•     Improvement of the rules on identifying and assessment of the significance of the problems and solving them through implementation of programs ensuring fulfillment of the tasks relating to the work, fire and emergency safety;
•     Enhancement of the control tools efficiency: internal audits, control on the product creation processes, supervision by INGSTROYENGINEERING EOOD on the safety requirements compliance.

To achieve these goals, the management of INGSTROYENGINEERING EOOD undertakes to:
•    Implement all available measures for traumatism and emergency situations prevention and minimizing the consequences thereof;
•     Observe the principle of preventing the risk for the staff and the population as a most important one in priority to eliminating the consequences of this risk;
•     Ensure the necessary staff’s qualification and culture in terms of respecting the safety rules and standards; formation of an attitude of intolerance to the breaches and maintaining of readiness for accidents elimination;
•     Ensure a systematic approach to identifying the threats and risk management; elimination of the sources of generation or restricting the threats through planned actions;
•     Require that the external organizations working at the Company’s sites observe the occupational safety requirements adopted at INGSTROYENGINEERING EOOD;
•     Inform the staff and the parties concerned of the Company’s activities relating to the occupational health and safety;
•     Apply management approaches for improvement of the occupational health and safety management system.

The management of INGSTROYENGINEERING EOOD declares hereby that it has committed itself by its personal participation and responsibility for implementation of the policies and goals set out hereunder. This declaration is a guarantee for the continuous success and prosperity of the Company in a competitive environment, for meeting the requirements and expectations of the clients, for personal satisfaction of the employees and workers and mutually beneficial relations with the suppliers and subcontractors of the Company.