The team
INGSTROYENGINEERING EOOD has created a team of specialists – engineers, technicians, designers, geodesists, employees and workers with proven professional qualities fulfilling the tasks assigned in due time.
Encouraging the willingness for improvement of the qualification and education of each Company’s employee is a strategy which the whole managerial team has pursued for years. INGSTROYENGINEERING EOOD invests in its engineering staff by financing in full the training of both the bachelors in Construction of Buildings and Facilities and the masters in Road Engineering.
A program envisaging attending a qualification course by 30% of the workers yearly is being strictly followed.

There are people having worked for more than 15 years in our teams on all levels. Our growth throughout the years has created conditions for attracting and appointment of valuable specialists, both managerial and expert.
We are clearly aware that only a successful team can guarantee a success.